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Recent Updates

31 May 2019 - Posted five newly approved guideline documents and five new draft documents on the Documents page.  Added FAQs page.

30 May 2019 - Updated FISWG chair email link throughout the website (chair at

12 Feb 2019 - Posted Approved Postmortem Facial Image Capture on the Documents page.

28 Jan 2019 - Posted Approved Facial Image Comparison Feature List for Morphological Analysis on the Documents page.

Older Updates

Although facial identification (FI) has been used in government and law enforcement applications for decades, the widespread use of facial images for scientific analysis and automated facial recognition (FR) systems is more recent.

Consequently, there is a need to gather and disseminate accurate information regarding the proper application of FI and FR methodologies and technologies.* 

Please visit this website often if you are interested in endeavors to fulfill community needs for this discipline. 

If you are actively engaged in FI and/or FR work, please consider participating in FISWG activities.  FISWG meeting participants work hard establishing standards and guidelines during weeklong meetings twice annually, and are exposed to world-class presentations and information unavailable anywhere else.    

* Extracted from the FISWG Overview document.


FISWG Letter to the IAI Regarding Certifications & Facial Comparisons - 2010.12.30



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