Facial Identification Scientific Working Group

The goals of FISWG include developing resources to educate and inform the relevant communities. These activities will be accomplished through active participation and involvement in workshops and conferences, and by collaborating with other Scientific Working Groups (SWGs) and bodies, as well as the research and academic communities. FISWG seeks to leverage constituency group and stakeholder knowledge to produce guidelines, position statements, and address other issues to include:

• Prioritized R&D needs, especially population studies/statistical validation

• Exchange of information and ideas

• Best practices

• Cognitive and system bias mitigation

• Ensuring conformance with regulatory reports

• Training to competency standards for experts and technicians

• Quality Control/Quality Assurance Standards

• Certification recommendations

• Proficiency testing recommendations

• Ethical issues

• Legal issues

• Sourcebook creation

• Defining FI/FR use cases

• Establishing the value and limitations through FI/FR success stories and review of failures

• Identifying appropriate participants (experts, vendors, etc.) for future meetings

• Assessing and understanding vulnerabilities

(The above is extracted from the FISWG Overview Version 2.0 2018.09.19 )

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