Facial Identification Scientific Working Group

FISWG Member and Associate Member agencies/organizations include the following:




  Australian Federal Police

  Australian Passport Office

  Canada Border Services Agency

  Danish National ID Centre

  Defense Forensic Science Center, Biometric Operations Directorate, US

  Defence Science & Technology Group, Australia

  Department of Home Affairs, Australia

  Department of Homeland Security, Customs & Border Protection, US

  Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations, US

  Federal Bureau of Investigation, Criminal Justice Information Services, US

  Federal Bureau of Investigation; Operational Technology Division, US

  Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Science - Public Ministry, Jamaica

  Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada; Integrity Branch

  Internal Revenue Service, National Forensic Laboratory, US

  Israel National Police

  Moroccan General Directorate of National Safety

  National Counterterrorism Center, US

  National Criminal Investigation Service, Norway

  National Institute of Criminalistics, Federal Police, Brazil

  National Institute of Standards and Technology, US

  National Police Directorate, Norway

  Netherlands Forensic Institute

  Office of Director of National Intelligence, US

  Public Safety Canada

  Specialized Prosecutor Against Organized Crime - Public Ministry of Peru

  Swedish Migration Agency

  Swedish Police Authority, National Forensic Centre

State or Provincial

  Arizona Department of Public Safety, US

  Indiana State Police, US

  Michigan State Police, US

  New York Department of Motor Vehicles, Division of Field Investigation, US

  Pennsylvania Public Safety Delivery Center, US


  Chicago Police Department, Illinois, US

  Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, California, US

  Loudon County Sheriff's Office, Virginia, US

  Macon County Sheriff's Office, Illinois, US

  Metropolitan Police Service, London, UK

  Phoenix Police Department, Arizona, US

  Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Florida, US

  Riverside County Sheriff's Department, California, US

  Sacramento Police Department, California, US


  Liverpool John Moores University, UK

  University of Guelph-Humber, Canada

  University of Sao Paulo, Brazil



  A3L Federal Works, US

  Arkansas Children's Hospital, US

  Aware, US

  Booz Allen Hamilton, US

  Ideal Innovations, US

  Idemia, US

  Innlandet Hospital Trust Lillehammer, Department of Radiology, Norway

  National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, US

  Rank One Computing, US


How to Become a FISWG Member...

Please read our
Bylaws to find information about your organization's eligibility for membership in FISWG.

If interested in FISWG membership, complete a letter of interest including all information from the following template:

---- FISWG Letter of Interest Template

Email your letter of interest to the FISWG Chair (chair at fiswg.org).

The semi-annual FISWG meetings are dedicated to the production of our documents, including any standards or guidelines. FISWG endeavors to ensure the process is free from the involvement of individuals with a potential financial interest in those standards - or the perception of financial interest. This is done to ensure the integrity of the process. As a result, while anyone may participate in the process of document preparation by providing feedback to draft documents, vendors and consultants are prohibited from becoming members.

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