Facial Identification Scientific Working Group

The Facial Identification Scientific Working Group (FISWG) develops consensus standards, guidelines, and best practices for the discipline of image-based comparisons of human facial features, provides recommendations for research development activities, and advances the state of the science in an ethical manner.

Facial identification (FI) has been used in government and law enforcement (LE) applications for decades. The widespread use of facial images for scientific analysis and automated facial recognition (FR) systems both in law enforcement and the private sector is more recent. For over a decade, FISWG has been a leader in gathering and disseminating accurate information regarding the proper application of FI and FR methodologies and technologies. With over 50 different LE agencies, intelligence agencies, and private industry from across the world, subject matter experts (SME) in the FI-related disciplines meet twice annually.

FISWG encourages those engaged in FI to browse the website for various documents that can aid in understanding the discipline. For information about joining FISWG, Click Here.

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If you have questions about FISWG please send an email to FISWG Chair Daniel Heltemes at: Chair@fiswg.org

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